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     LJ Systems | Protect | Connect | ControlLJ Systems | Protect | Connect | Control

LJ Systems | Protect | Connect | Control

LJ Systems | Protect | Connect | Control


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LJ Systems | Protect | Connect | Control

LJ Systems | Protect | Connect | Control


Healthcare facilities as part of the hospital design process almost always require some kind of Nurse Call System that includes patient-to-staff and staff-to-staff calls when the need arises.

Let us install a complete system that provides two-way audio and visual signaling. We also have integrated solutions for nurse-call and phone systems, with Wi-Fi and data networking for assisted living and retirement communities. 

Reliable solutions that enhance quality of care for residents, improve staff productivity, minimize operating costs, help ensure regulatory compliance and provide value-added Internet access and telephone service to residents.

For patients in unfamiliar, chaotic or confusing surroundings it can be overwhelming and can trigger wandering tendencies causing him/her to potentially get lost, travel to unsafe areas of a facility (e.g. rooftop or balcony) or slip away entirely unnoticed. 

LJ Systems RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) based security solutions are efficient, modular and flexible. Features include item identification, asset and personnel tracking and people counting. These systems are ideally suited for retail and health-care environments. 

We are trained installers of one of the world's most trusted Nurse Call Systems, Telecor Communication Systems. Telecor produces a range of innovative and high-quality communications products for the health care industry, including:

  • General and critical areas in hospital
  • Medical clinics and
  • Skilled nursing areas

Telecor meets or exceeds the growing needs of today's health care environment, providing both effective communication solutions as well as simple-to-use equipment for patients and staff. They are designed for a broader application pool including general and critical areas in hospitalsretirement, assisted living, and long-term care facilities.

Telecor systems offer a total communication solution. Whether used as an individual system, or as part of a network of multiple systems, Telecor Nurse Call Systems can grow to accommodate future expansion.

Contact us to learn more about our NURSE CALL & PATIENT WANDERING solutions.